Central States Terrazzo Association
2016 Terrazzo Excellence Award

Project: Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Terminal 2, Checkpoint 1
Architect: Miller-Dunwiddie Architecture, Minneapolis MN
Designer/Artist: Scott Parsons Art Studio, Sioux Falls SD
Contractor: Grazzini Brothers & Company
Owner: Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Airports Commission
Starwheel: Maps, Metaphors and Gairns for the Journey" is a 16-color epoxy terrazzo mosaic floor design for the north end of the Humphrey Terminal (Terminal2 I Checkpoint 1) at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul lnternational Airport. lt was part of an unusually complex larger project with 5 color Epoxy Terrazzo and

The award was presented to Scott Parsons by the contractor (Greg Grazzini - Grazzini Bros) and the President of the CSTA (Tony Grazzini of WTG )
The design for the new 27,OOO square foot Terminal 2 / Gheckpoint { terrazzo lloor evolved from contemplating the function of an airport and the nature of travel. This terrazzo mosaic floor is called (.Starwheel,, because it reftects the beauty and diversity of the Minnesota landscape and the historical movement of people across these ecotones-beneath the movement of the stars. There are a number of constellations visible in the floor, including the North Star Potaris and the Little Dipper. Al! the other stars spin around Polaris which serves as a longstanding navigational marker of the night sky.

Terrazzo was used as it was a good long-term investment and provides endless design possibilities. Converting this work of art into a reality was going to require an investment of expertiser time and creativity.

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